Thursday, April 11, 2013

Room 13 has green thumbs!

This week we are wrapping up our science unit about plants, and boy is Room 13 green! We started by sprouting bean and corn seeds in plastic bags way back in February.  We did this so that we could see the germination process as it was happening.  We put in a wet paper towel to keep the seeds damp and then we hung them on the window to make sure they could get some sunlight as they started to sprout.  The kids studied their seeds and drew diagrams every few days.

Once we could see the roots and stems begin to grow, we transfered them from the bags into pots of soil.  The students watched anxiously to see when they would first sprout above the soil.  Some predicted it would take a few hours, while others thought it might take months!  It actually took about a week for most of the pots to have some little green leaves showing.

The fourth graders have been taking good care of their plants and observing them closely.  Look how much they've grown!

It appears that Room 13 has some future gardeners!

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