Thursday, April 11, 2013

Community Reader Day

Last Friday the West celebrated Community Reader Day.  Each classroom was visited by a special guest from the community who read a wonderful book called Clever-sticks.  Our guest was Mrs. Schwarz, the ELL coordinator at the West!  

We were particularly lucky because Mrs. Schwarz is fluent in Portuguese.  She took the time to translate the entire story and read it to us in both languages!  All the students enjoyed this.  We have several students who understood both languages, but everyone heard something they found interesting.  Some students heard words that sounded like languages they know - Spanish and Polish were both mentioned.  Other students heard words that were very similar to words in English.  We had just learned the word scholar and in portuguese, the word for school is schola.  Did you know that the word for snake is cobra?  
Here is a video of a portion of her reading:

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