Monday, April 22, 2013

Artist in Residence

This week the West School is so lucky to have an artist in residence.  Bren Bataclan will be at our school all week!  On his website you can see lots of examples of his paintings.  You can also watch a news video about his wonderful mission to spread smiles around the world.

Not only does Mr. Bataclan sell is paintings, but he also leaves them in random places for people to find for free, just to cheer them up.  He has left paintings in over 30 states and almost 50 countries around the world!  All he asks for in return is that the person who finds it smile at a few strangers to brighten their day.

To kick off his week with us, Mr. Bataclan presented an assembly to the school where he showed us some of his artwork, but he also taught us the steps to make some of his favorite characters.  He uses pretty simple shapes to make drawings that have a lot of personality!  The fourth graders in Room 13 were incredibly proud of their drawings and continued to try out different techniques when they had a spare minute today in class.  Here are some of their masterpieces:

Mr. Bataclan will be at our school all week painting a mural in the front entrance to our school.  He will be using drawing made by the fifth graders to inspire his work.  I can't wait to show you how it turns out!!


  1. These drawings are great! Declan drew our cat. I love it.

  2. Ello Again! ^^ I love this! They awesome. x3 And Hi Declan's mom. ~Nic