Friday, September 7, 2012

Amazing Beginning!

What a wonderful start to the school year!  We have done so many fun and important things in just 3 days.  I wonder if the students are as tired as their teacher is!  
Sorry it's so blurry! Busy kids are hard to catch in focus.

It's been a particularly exciting beginning for us because we have so many new teachers and administration at the West!  So far the kids have met Ms. Morgan (our new principal), Ms. Feeney (Title 1 specialist), Ms. Murphy (art), and Mr. Frazer (P.E.).  Stay tuned for more information on them in the next few weeks as we work on some interviews and biographies in Room 13.

Our days have been filled so far by learning lots of routines, some important rules, and a few key reading strategies to get us started.
Routines to as your kids about:

  • lining up in line order
  • "Hands and Eyes"
  • morning meeting
  • our theme song
  • Read to Self
  • DOT Binders
  • Building stamina
New West Rules and Expectations:
  • Always walk on the right side in the hall.
  • Halls should be silent.
  • Toys and games should be left at home, not brought for recess.
  • Food cannot be shared.
Reading Strategies:
- Check for Understanding
     ~stop while you are reading to make sure you understand what is happening in the story
- Back up and reread
     ~if something doesn't make sense, go back and read it again, more slowly
- Cross Check
     ~ when you get to a word you don't know, or if a word doesn't make sense, ask 3 questions (I hope the fourth graders remember these!)
1. Does it look right?
2. Does it sound right?
3. Does it make sense?

Thanks to everyone for making the first 3 days of this year stupendous.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and spends some time reading!  

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